These shoes were a gift from one friend to another .

Below are some of the background details I  on the person (Scott Harkey) who was going to be wearing them. These details  sort of set the tone for the design:

Two kids - Quinn and Zack⁣
Loves ASU (Arizona State University) football and is a fund raiser for them.⁣
Pls include the Indian scull that you did on Wahlberg's kicks⁣
Color burgundy and gold like in the ASU logo⁣

So, I decided to use navy blue as the base and get the burgundy and gold (yellow) in all the details. I included the scull with the headdress, like I did on the "Snake and sculls" shoe for Mr Wahlberg, but wanted to blow it up on the entire shoe so it runs from the outside panel and spills over on the inside panel of the left shoe.⁣

On the other shoe I wrote "Sun devil till I die" (football team) and Harkey (Scott's last name) together with the American flag.⁣

Back on the heals I painted eagle wings as the bald eagle is the emblem of the United States of America, and it goes well with the patriotic feel of these shoes.⁣ I also included his kids name Quinn and Zack.⁣


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